Spa Packages

Spa Packages

Spa Réveil Mani & Pedi
Pamper your hands and feet with our spa manicure and express pedicure. You will be on your way in just an hour.
60 min. $80

Note: Additional time and charge will apply to remove any gel or acrylic polish prior to your nail service.


Spa Réveil Mani & Body
Restore your hands and body with our signature manicure and 30 minute swedish massage. You will be glad to feel rejuvenated again.
80 min. $105

Note: Additional time and charge will apply to remove any gel or acrylic polish prior to your nail service.


Spa Réveil Pedi & Body
Unwind with our spa pedicure and 30 minute swedish massage. You will be uplifted and refreshed in no time.
80 min. $120

Note: Additional time and charge will apply to remove any gel or acrylic polish prior to your nail service.


Spa Réveil Face & Back
This treatment combines Spa Réveil mini facial with our back facial therapy to cleanse, exfoliate and revitalize your skin, restoring your skin’s health and radiance.
75 min. $140

Spa Réveil Body & Face
Designed to help you maintain a healthy body and skin, Spa Réveil body & face includes a 60 minute swedish massage and a mini facial.
90 min. $160

Perfect Day
Start your perfect day with a therapeutic bath in the privacy of Spa Réveil’s hydrotherapy suite to relax the body and calm the mind. Then continue with Spa Réveil swedish massage followed by an uplifting Spa Réveil mini facial. Be sure to enjoy the hammam before your treatment or simply delight in the luxury and tranquility of the sanctuary lounge while savoring a cup of your favorite beverage.
120 min. $205

Pure Bliss
Relax with a soothing experience of body washing, polishing and vichy therapy in Spa Réveil’s vichy suite. Then treat yourself to a Spa Réveil swedish massage followed by a revitalizing Spa Réveil signature facial. Complete your experience with pre-treatment hydration in the hammam and your favorite beverage in the luxurious sanctuary lounge.
150 min. $260

Silk Road Journey
The journey begins in the hammam to start the cleansing process and the relaxation of the body as it is done in turkey. The experience continues to thailand where the body is exfoliated with beads, vichy rinsed and enveloped in a nourishing mask. The next destination is bali where the scalp is massaged and invigorated with our signature scalp oil. The body is then treated to a soothing full body swedish massage before making a stop in japan for an express pedicure. Along the silk road journey, enjoy opportunities for refreshments, hydration and relaxation.
150 min. $260

Passage to Bliss
An inspiring experience that renews and restores the mind, body and spirit. Delight in a 60 minute signature facial, a 60 minute swedish massage, a spa manicure and a spa pedicure for a new sense of well-being.
200 min. $290

Sweet Surrender
Journey into tranquility with a soothing vichy and gentle body exfoliation. Then melt into a chromotherapy bath infused with an essential oil of your choice. Immerse in complete relaxation with hot towel treatment and a swedish massage afterwards. Your heavenly journey continues with signature facial followed with revitalizing signature manicure and pedicure. During your journey, take time to retreat in the sanctuary lounge or hammam and savor various refreshments for the ultimate bliss.
290 min. $430

Manly Treat
A rejuvenating treat for him. Includes a swedish massage and a signature pedicure.
125 min. $175

Gentleman’s Day
A manly spa day complete with hydrotherapy, 90 minute swedish massage, mini facial, spa manicure and spa pedicure. A true gift of bliss for him.
220 min. $295

Couple’s Passage
A romantic adventure for two, this treatment starts with a romantic light therapy bath in the privacy of the couple’s suite followed by a Spa Réveil swedish massage. Delight in a beverage service for two and savor the moment together in our luxurious sanctuary lounge.
90 min. $260
120 min. $340
150 min. $420

Couple’s Escapade
Drift into a world of pampering for two. Begin with a detoxifying body brushing followed by a luxurious body milk wrap with a scalp massage as you delight in the sweet aromatherapy. Then indulge in pure relaxation with a full body swedish massage. Retreat in the sanctuary lounge afterwards and enjoy a beverage service for two before heading to the hammam for the complete experience. You will receive the body brush as a gift for your home spa treatment.
90 min. $320
120 min. $400
150 min. $480

Couple’s Tropical Escape
Experience blissful awakening with our couple’s tropical escape. Savor a decadent tropical vichy while your partner indulges in a soothing chromotherapy bath, then immerse in a pampering side-by-side swedish and scalp massage in the luxurious couple’s suite. Afterwards, rejuvenate in our luxurious sanctuary lounge and delight in a beverage service for two.
105 min. $340

Couple’s Egyptian Reverie
The ultimate escape for couples, this journey begins with a luxurious milk bath in the privacy of the couple’s suite. This is followed with a decadent silk body wrap with shea butter to nourish and moisturize the skin, leaving the skin soft and velvety. Immerse in complete mind and body relaxation with a Spa Réveil swedish massage, a scalp massage and a beverage service for two before you are escorted to our sanctuary lounge for a blissful retreat.
120 min. $390

Couple’s Retreat

Enjoy quiet time in the privacy of our Couple’s Suite. Your journey begins with a soothing light therapy bath and a beverage service for two. Then nurture your body with a 60 minute swedish massage. Afterwards you will be escorted to our Sanctuary Lounge for rest and refreshments followed with a delightful side-by-side spa pedicure.
140 min. $360

Spa Réveil Private Party and Group Event
To be customized for each party or event.

Spa Réveil Facility Fee
Guests may enjoy Spa Réveil amenities, including hammam, sanctuary lounge, locker room and refreshments, for one hour at a time without a spa service appointment.
60 min. $35