Advanced Skin Care

Advanced Skin Care

Spa Réveil’s advanced skin care treatments utilize clinical grade products with innovative technology to create some of the best facials in Austin. Exclusive to Spa Réveil, our luxurious and high performance yet gentle products address specific concerns and provide you with the outstanding results you desire. These products are never tested on animals, and are free of parabens, petrolatum, phthalates and sulfates.


As a Top Choice Award Winner and one of Austin’s top spas, delivering you results is critical to us. Whether it’s our hyperpigmentation treatment that visibly fades age spots, acne scarring and blemishes, our age reversal lift that smoothes, firms, and revitalizes, or our red carpet oxygen facial that instantly energizes and promotes radiance, our advanced skincare treatments offer phenomenal before and after differences. Additionally, they last longer than typical facials and don’t feel heavy on your skin thanks to the gentle but potent bio-effective ingredients.

Anti-Aging Skincare Regimen

We recommend an anti-aging skincare regimen to maximize treatment results. Designed with your busy lifestyle in mind, our advanced anti-aging products yield maximum efficacy in a short period of time with visible long-lasting results, are easy to use, and most are appropriate for all skin types. Purchase them at our spa and enjoy a luxurious skincare experience in the comfort of your home.

Experience a transformation in your skin’s overall appearance with one of our advanced skincare treatments below.

CryoClear effectively removes tags, age spots and sun spots by gently freezing dead skin cells in the upper layer of the skin. Treatment is quick and painless with no downtime. Treated area usually turns darker for a few days before pink healthy tissue appears as it heals.
15 min. $35/Tag or Spot

Celluma Therapy utilizes clinically proven light emitting diode (LED) phototherapy to repair and replenish compromised tissue cells and improve cellular performance through the application of light energy. With embedded NASA researched technology, Celluma delivers UV-free low-level light energy to increase collagen, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, improve skin’s firmness & resilience, clear acne, relieve pain and reduce inflammation. This treatment is painless, non-invasive, requires no recovery time, and can be applied on all skin types. Enjoy a relaxing arms massage and smoothing treatment with your therapy. Note: Due to contraindications, this treatment will not be administered on children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, anyone with existing or past cancer, metastasis, epilepsy or seizure, or if you are on steroid injections or photosensitive medications.
30 min. $80

Corrective Peel effectively brightens, resurfaces and treats devitalized, aging, pigment disorders, acne and sun damaged skin. Our aesthetician will administer the appropriate peel formula to address your skin concerns and you will see a smoother, hydrated and youthful luminous skin after just one treatment. A series of six peel treatments is recommended for best results.
45 min. $120

Red Carpet Oxygen Lift Looking for that red carpet glow? This is the treatment for you. This radiance-activating therapy intensively hydrates and stimulates circulation within the skin with cell-targeted plant extracts, brighteners and age-quenching antioxidants, diminishing lines and pores, and rejuvenating the skin. Within minutes, you will see a visibly smooth, plump, firm and vibrant skin.
45 min. $130

Revita Boost Treatment fortifies and revitalizes with advanced antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, sea kelp and irish moss extracts, collagen, papaya enzymes and soothing peptides to deeply moisturize, enhance radiance and vibrancy, and protect from photo-aging as well as dermal instability caused by free radical aggression. Suitable for sensitive and rosacea skin, this treatment balances and soothes, accelerates tissue repair and encourages cell renewal for a soft, smooth and nourished skin.
60 min. $140

Acne Clarifying Treatment targets blemished, acne-prone skin. Skin fortifying niacinamide clarifies pigment, lightens blemished skin and offers powerful age-defense properties. Antibacterial sulfur and sebum regulating tomato fruit extracts, along with lactic acid, salicylic acid and azelaic acid, address pore congestion and outbreaks while helping establish normal skin. This purifying treatment corrects, clears and smooths, and is effective in balancing skin’s pH as well as preventing DNA deterioration.
60 min. $160

Hyperpigmentation Treatment targets age spots, uneven skin tone and darkened area of the skin caused by increase of melanin, sun damage or inflammation, including acne. Intensive lightening agents, melanin inhibitors and powerful anti-oxidants reduce inflammation and the formation of pigment, brighten and protect the skin against damage caused by free radicals and UV light for luminous, radiant and even skin tone.
60 min. $160
75 min. $240 (with corrective peel)

Age Reversal Lift is a corrective treatment that addresses expression muscle contraction, wrinkles and devitalized skin which occurs as a result of chronological aging and helps reshape, restructure and firm mature skin. Rich in peptides, stem cells, anti-oxidants and omega 3, 6 and 9, this treatment utilizes cutting-edge formulations and high yield actives to smooth, tighten, brighten and revitalize while simultaneously combating environmental stressors, reactivating collagen and boosting skin density and elasticity for a smooth, supple, youthful, vibrant skin.
60 min. $180
75 min. $260 (with corrective peel)

JetLift is a non-invasive, no down-time transdermal infusion treatment that combines the power of detoxifying lymphatic drainage, robust exfoliation and deep dermal infusion of peptides, stem cells, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and other bio-active nutrients. This pain-free treatment features the benefits of microneedling, chemical peel and facial, and effectively exfoliates, oxygenates, enhances circulation, hydrates and reduces inflammation while boosting cellular renewal with a brightening, anti-aging or acne-clarifying solution. Visible results can be seen after one treatment, with continued improvement over several sessions. JetLift is suitable for all skin types, including rosacea.
45 min. $300 (face)
45 min. $200 (neck & décolletage)
30 min. $150 (lymphatic drainage & exfoliation – no infusion)
Add second infusion $120 (same area)
Add celluma therapy $60

Signature JetLift incorporates lymphatic drainage, exfoliation and botox-alternative serum infusion for the face to lift and treat oxidized skin without paralyzing the muscles. It also reduces the erector pili muscle size which in turn makes pores smaller. Ideal before an event, this needle-free treatment is recommended for anyone looking for the maximum glow and lift in a single session.
45 min. $390

Cryoskin is a safe, painless, non-invasive treatment for slimming, cellulite reduction and toning from Paris. With no down-time after the treatment, the session can be done during lunch break or immediately before or after a workout. Immediate visual difference is generally realized from the first session with best results appearing from 15 days to 3 weeks after the first session. 5 to 6 sessions are recommended for the initial set, followed by 2 or 3 sessions approximately 6 months after the end of the initial set of sessions to maintain results. Depending on your lifestyle and diet, results can last several months to several years.

Cryoskin Lift or Toning removes cellulite, slows down the ageing process, shrinks facial pores and reduces fine lines & wrinkles. This 20-minute cold therapy session will help improve microcirculation, speed up metabolism, increase collagen production and tighten muscles.

Cryoskin Slimming is a 28-minute heat and cold therapy session consisting of a three-phase thermal process that will help naturally slim the body. This treatment breaks down fat cells which are naturally flushed out through your bloodstream and then to the lymphatic system in days to weeks following the treatment. The results are similar to suction method but without side effects.

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Note: Cryoskin is contraindicated for individuals with raynaud’s syndrome, allergy to cold, kidney or liver disease, cancer, severe diabetes, lymphatic drainage disorders, progressive diseases (MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, Lupus, etc.), severe rosacea, as well as anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. Cryoskin will not be administered within 90 days of fillers, botox or injectibles sessions.

Cryoskin pre/post-session instructions: Click for video

  • For best results following a Cryoskin session, do not eat sugar 2 hours before and after the session.
  • If possible, avoid all kind of sugar for 4 to 5 hours before and after the Cryoskin session. 2 hours is the recommended time for best results.
  • This applies to all kind of sugars (pasta, rice, bread, cereals, fruits, alcohol…) and simple starches and sugars.
  • The cold weakens and retracts the adipocyte (fat storage cell). Consuming sugar will return immediate energy to these cells, so the apoptosis (cell death) effect will be less efficient and can even be canceled.
  • The lymphatic system takes 15 days to complete an entire cycle. Results will improve over the 2 weeks following the session. Additional slimming sessions can be completed 2 weeks after a treatment.
  • Avoid exercise directly before a session. It will be harder to cool the body down and complete the slimming effectively.
  • For best results, maintain the best possible diet and lifestyle to accompany the treatment. Drink plenty of water (1.5 litre of water per day) for 2 weeks or longer.

14 min. $150 (cryoskin double chin slimming)
20 min. $250 (cryoskin face lift)
20 min. $350 (cryoskin body toning)
28 min. $395 (cryoskin slimming)
5 min. $80 (pain relief)


Skin Care Upgrades

All skin care upgrades are designed to complement our jetlift and facial treatments.

Scalp Massage uses nourishing scalp oil that is gently worked into the scalp. This is followed by a scalp massage to relieve stress and tension.

Rose Quartz Facial Massage Known for its soothing and healing properties, rose quartz awakens and strengthens one’s sense of love and beauty. This facial massage not only calms and rejuvenates the skin but also balances the circulatory system.

Galvanic Treatment for the eyes uses a special beauty device that produces a galvanic current used to transport active ingredients in products more deeply. This treatment enhances hydration and erases fine lines, leaving the skin youthful and radiant.

Eye & Lip Lift Treatment hydrates, lifts and refreshes the eye and lip areas with scientifically proven microcurrent technology. This treatment increases oxygen and blood circulation as well as improves the fibroblast activity which speeds up natural collagen production, reducing puffiness and fine lines around the eyes and lips.

Ultrasonic Microcurrent Lift uses ultrasonic and microcurrent technology to penetrate the facial epidermis and enhance product absorption. This treatment stimulates the facial muscles to lift and firm while hydrating and regenerating the skin.

Perfecting Neck & Décolletage nourishes, lifts and protects the neck, shoulder and chest using ultrasonic and microcurrent technology while promoting lymphatic drainage, helping reduce signs of aging.

Body Smoothing Treatment revitalizes lackluster skin with delightfully refreshing Pineapple enzyme based exfoliant. This effective, gentle exfoliation treatment is suitable for all skin types and excellent for those with sensitive skin as well as those who cannot tolerate sugar or salt- based scrubs. Choose an area to be treated: neck & décollete, arms or back.

LED Light Therapy accelerates recovery and improves cellular health to reduce the signs of aging, relieve pain and eliminate acne. This therapy effectively complements any facial, micro crystal peel and microcurrent treatment. Enjoy a relaxing arms massage during this session. Note: This therapy will not be administered on children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, anyone with existing or past cancer, metastasis, epilepsy or seizure, or if you are on steroid injections or photosensitive medications.